Wild Goose 2015 – The Sequel: special guest, Rosa Lee Harden, Wild Goose Executive Director [LDT035]


Rosa Lee Harden, Wild Goose Executive Director



Summer is here and it’s almost time for the Wild Goose Festival. Just in case you Lovers haven’t heard, Wild Goose will be Thursday, July 9 to Sunday, July 12. It takes place in the beautiful Appalachian town of Hot Springs, North Carolina.

I often describe Wild Goose as a cross between Church Camp and Burning Man. It’s a weekend of intense discussion of theology, art, music, justice, and the Church. But it’s also a great party with progressive folks like all the Lovers, who find that their faith is what propels them in the business of changing the world.

About a month ago I talked with Wild Goose executive director, Rosa Lee Harden about the overall wonderfulness of The Goose and about the incredible music that is scheduled for this year. Today, is a sequel to that one and we’re going to talk about the incredible array of speaker at this year’s event.

After you listen to the podcast, please check out the Wild Goose website (wild goose festival dot org) to get more info and the I hope you’ll get your tickets.

I want to meet all the Lovers at the Goose.






Special 2015 Wild Goose page

Article about Phyllis Tickle

Phyllis’ books on the Divine Hours (Click to Amazon and support Love In A Dangerous Time)

Lovers who will appear at Wild Goose:

Rev. Yolanda – LDT022

Alexia Salvatierra – LDT021

Mickey Scott-Bey Jones – LDT012

Foster Pinkney – LDT010

John Dear – LDT008

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