#ReclaimHolyWeek – A Holy Week of Resistance – with Daniel Ismael Aguilar [LDT026]

Daniel Ismael Aguilar
Daniel Ismael Aguilar

I’m publishing this interview on a Saturday (instead of the usual Wednesday) because it’s almost Holy Week. I’m hoping that many will listen in the next few days and let this project help you participate in Holy Week with the determination of these folks. This year’s Holy Week will be driven, for many, by the movement against racism that’s growing so quickly in the US. Activists from the streets of Holy Wk ResistanceFerguson have come together to generate liturgy, protest and theology that looks at the death and resurrection of Jesus in light of the struggles he would be involved in today.

The movement is centered on the website, www.HolyWeekOfResistance.net, where you’ll find updates and writings about how serious activism is a natural part of Holy Week. They’re using the hashtag, #ReclaimHolyWeek to bring together Christian activists and to spread the activities across the land.

If you find this after Holy Week 2015, it’s full of important information and thinking about how to keep it going for years to come.

In the interview, I quote Rev. Dr. Jeff Hood saying that some of the clergy in Ferguson were playing the role of “Peacekeepers” and deliberately trying to hold people back from militant expression of their anger. Jeff said these things on an this podcast (THE VIOLENCE OF DEMANDING PEACEFUL PROTEST – LDT002). Of course, most of the clergy were there to help the protests be effective and to be a part of the fight for justice. Dozens of clergy, after all, were arrested all over the country, in demonstrations sparked by police killings of unarmed Black men this fall.


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