Open Ended Conversation – Rev. Bob Brashear & Rev. Steve Phelps [LDT025]

#Church2B #1: an Open Ended Conversation with Rev. Bob Brashear & Rev. Steve Phelps 

Two Presbyterian ministers, in New York City, are the first to engage in this public open-ended conversation on the state and future possibility of The Church. There was no agenda, and really no rules. We had a wide-ranging discussion.

Rev. Steve Phelps
Rev. Steve Phelps
  • We talked about mega churches
  • The importance of and the over emphasis on community
  • We examined how church relates to some of the principles of Liberation Theology
  • We even established that the reproductive organ of the church is “The Tongue”
  • What is going on with the “Spiritual but Not Religious” (the “Nones”)
  • And we even got into a beginning of a discussion about church and empire.

In this round table, we came to no conclusions and solved no problems. We did the important work of exploring these big questions in an open-ended way.

Rev. Bob Brashear
Rev. Bob Brashear

There are lots of very interesting experiments going on right now. Check out previous episodes of Love in a Dangerous Time for interviews about some exciting projects. We’ll have more of these people on the program as we dig deeper into this important and fascinating subject.





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Here are some links:

Rev. Stephen H. Phelps – Steve’s website. It contains his blog, sermon archive, and most of his writings. You may also see his writings on Huffington Post,, and Tikkun magazine.

Shouldn’t We End the “Members Only” Club of Nuclear Arms by Destroying the Weapons?” an interesting article about nuclear weapons and world peace, from BuzzFlash/TruthOut


Rev. Robert L. Brashear – West-Park Presbyterian Church in New York. – Bob’s blog for the goings on at the church. – West-Park’s Facebook page


Some books that were mentioned in the discussion:

(Click here and order through Amazon and Love In A Dangerous Time will receive a comission)

Tikkun Magazine
Tikkun Magazine
The Great Emergence, by Phyllis Tickle
Come Out, My People, by Wes Howard-Brook
Come Out, My People, by Wes Howard-Brook



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