A CHRISTIAN IN FERGUSON – a Conversation with Foster Pinkney [LDT010]

It’s milestone time. This episode of Love in a Dangerous Time is number TEN! I know that’s not so much, but it’s pretty significant when one considers all the trial & error that goes into setting something like this up in your little home office. Thanks to everyone who’s been so encouraging, to the people who have agreed to be interviewed for the show and most of all to all of you listeners.


Foster Pinkney
Foster Pinkney

This is my second episode on the uprising that is unfolding after the police shooting of Michael

Union Students in Ferguson
Union Students in Ferguson

Brown, a young African American man, in Ferguson, MO, this summer. It’s pretty obvious that police killing is always important. This is going on all the time. We all can remember Trayvon Martin, Oscar Grant, Amadou Diallo, Eric Garner and many more. Since Mike Brown’s death in early August, there have been 60 more police killings around the country. But Ferguson, for some reason, has exploded in struggle against this too common problem. In a movement led mostly by young African Americans, Ferguson has been a beacon of hope for thousands of people who look for a better world.

Today’s guest, Foster Pinkney, traveled to Ferguson twice to be involved in the fight back that is going on in Ferguson. He’s a 31-year-old student at Union Seminary in New York City. I asked him to do an interview to talk about what’s it like for a Christian to jump into the struggle, based on his faith. I hope you find it interesting.       (LDT010)


Some helpful links.

Foster’s blog:  The Obsolescent Man

Ferguson Action website (updated often) – Here

Union Theological Seminary, New York – Here

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