#STAYWOKEADVENT – a conversation with Micky Jones [LDT012]

Therefore, Stay Woke — for you do not know
when the master of the house will come,
in the evening, or at midnight, or at cockcrow,
or at dawn, or else he may find you asleep
when he comes suddenly.
And what I say to you I say to all:
Stay Woke!
(Mark 13:35-37)


Advent is the month before Christmas. It’s the part of the Church calendar where we anticipate the coming of Jesus. We spend staywokeadvent_squarethese four weeks focusing on the world that will come into being because of the birth of the Son of God. Obviously, that wonderful world has not arrived yet. We are actually still waiting.

This quote above is from the lectionary Gospel selection for the First Sunday of Advent this year. Ok, I made a slight edit of the MickyJonestranslation (In the NRSV it says “keep alert”). This is definitely a time when we have to “Stay Woke” to the very important changes and growing pains that our world is going through. We have wars, climate change, epidemics, and turmoil all over the world and here in the US, we have the ongoing crisis of police impunity and murders of people of color coupled with a very exciting nation-wide movement to fight it.

Micky Jones, our guest in this episode, is one of the instigators of a special Advent campaign built around a hashtag: #StayWokeAdvent. In some ways consciousness is high, very much because of the conversations going on triggered by the murder of Mike Brown in Ferguson, MO by police officer Derrin Wilson. The call to “Stay Woke” has a particular urgency.  In addition to the hashtag campaign, writings, photos, poetry, and artistic works are being added to the community blog of the campaign.

This call was recorded on Monday, December 1, 2014, one week after the announcement that Wilson would not be indicted for killing Mike Brown. It is also the day after the first Sunday in Advent.   (LDT012)


Some useful links:

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Hashtag (follow it and use it):  #StayWokeAdvent

Micky Jones – Twitter: @IAmMickyJones

Words to Action newsletter – http://thisisthemovement.launchrock.com/

Ferguson Action (formerly Ferguson October) – http://fergusonaction.com/

Micky Jones bio (from Homebrewed Christianity)

Micky does a monthly blog on the Emerging Voices section of Patheos 

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