CONVERSION(S): Rev. Dr. KARYN CARLO: “It Matters What Side You’re On.” [LDT084]

Rev. Dr. Karyn Carlo

For a year or so, we’ve had a series-within-a-series, called Conversion(s) it’s basically people’s journeys though life as a person of faith. We’ve had some interesting stories. Today’s story is one of the most interesting.

Rev. Dr. Karyn Carlo has had quite a journey. She is a retired New York Police Department cop, who attended Union Seminary, here in NY, when she retired, and stuck it out till she got her doctorate. Her life and faith have always been developing, but she has now become a full-on supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement – a fact that angers many of her former colleagues in the NYPD. Her story is of someone who has always tried to listen to the call of God.

We’ll talk about her early stance against the Vietnam war, her recruitment (at a karate dojo!) into the NYPD, her training work in the police force, and her current fierce focus on justice over reconciliation in these times of police murders of Africa

Karyn Carlo at demo

n American people. Karyn is an example of life-long engagement with her faith, letting it lead her to develop along the way. And her conversions, as we will see, are not only difficult emotionally, but often have carried with them ostracism and even death threats.

This is a special episode of Love in a Dangerous Time, Lovers. You’ll want to take notes.


Karyn’s Blog:

Fixin’ to Preach – look for series called “Dear White People” (

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