TRUE CALLING – Kristen & Russ Look at this Christian Process and Kristen Has an Announcement [LDT096]

Kristen at Wild Goose 2017

When a Christian truly feels that God want her to do something in particular, like become a minister, start a homeless shelter, become a tutor, paint a mural on the church playground wall, or read the Bible cover-to-cover, we say that we are “Called.” The idea is that we want to help God recreate the world in the way that God has in mind by doing our part. It’s kind of like the draft, only a lot more wholesome.

A serious Christian will be on the lookout for ways to do some kind of work that will really bring safety, joy and justice to people. So calling is a very good thing.

Today, co-host Kristen Leigh and Russ discuss the whole idea of calling, which is a big part of a class that Kristen is teaching with Rev. Frank Dew (Love in a Dangerous Time #92).

In the course of the class, Kristen has decided to refocus herself back to true and wonderful calling to be a musician and writer of powerfully inspiring songs. Remember Love in a Dangerous Time’s first interview with her was about her songwriting (episode #54).

So this program will be Kristen’s final episode as co-host. The good side is we’ll be hearing more songs from her as she refocuses, and she was around long enough to get the bug, so she will be returning from time to time as the first official Love in a Dangerous Time Correspondent.

This episode ends with a song of Kristen’s called “Gratitude.” It’s sort of Russ’ way of expressing his gratitude, and a way for the Lovers to be reminded just how talented and skillful she is at her true calling.

(Be sure to listen to the end. After the song, Kristen adds some important observations.)



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Album: Making Friends With Ghosts, features Gratitude

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