CONVERSION(S) – How Finding Jesus Can Get You Changing the World – with Rev. Chantilly Mers [LDT068]

Rev. Chantilly Mers
Rev. Chantilly Mers

Last fall, I heard the conversion story of a friend here in New York. In many ways it was a typical testimony of how Jesus’ love made her world ok. This kind of a story doesn’t usually move me. I keep thinking that there’s got to be something more here than feeling good. But she went on to tell of her other conversions and I began to learn a lot from her about faith and about changing the world.

Today, Chantilly Mers, has come to the Love in a Dangerous Time World Headquarters to share her story with the Lovers. This is a time to listen and think about the possibility that opens up if you are committed to learning what Jesus was up to.

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Chantilly performing
Chantilly performing Let’s talk about this.



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