THEOLOGICAL DECLARATION ON CHRISTIAN FAITH and WHITE SUPREMACY – A talk with Rev. Trey Lyon & Writer/Activist, Lisa Sharon Harper [LDT097]

Rev. Trey Lyon

This show was supposedto be released on October 23, but my computer has been completely out of commission for three days, and here I am, publishing this very important program (and it really is an important one) a week late on October 30. My apologies to all who have been waiting for it. I do believe my tech is in order, and I’ll be back on schedule but….. you know.


Lisa Sharon Harper


Speaking of joining God in Saving the World, today’s episode is a perfect example. We have all been appalled and angered to see the boisterous rise of neo-Nazi, KKK, and general white nationalism popping up all over the US. The whole thing is scary and it reminds us of the years of build-up of the Nazi party in Germany in the thirties & forties.  In 1934, a group of progressive Christians, led by Karl Barth, put out the “Theological Declaration of Barmen,” which denounced Nazism in strong theological language. It is in that spirit that several of our country’s most active progressive Christian leaders created Theological Declaration on Christian Faith and White Supremacy.”

In this episode I’ll talk with the Declaration’s instigator, Rev. Trey Lyon, of Atlanta, and author/activist, Lisa Sharon Harper about the writing and the powerful content of this important organizing tool.

Again – please go to the Love in a Dangerous Time Community page on Facebook, and drop your thinking on the important problems this document addresses so all the Lovers can discuss it.


The Declaration –

Barmen Declaration:

Contact Lisa –  Websites:, (coming mid-November)

Contact Trey – Twitter: @Rev. Trey Lyon,


Trey Lyon

Trey Lyon is a pastor, writer and activist from Atlanta, Georgia. Trey has helped start after school programs and free summer literacy camps, urban mission immersion programs through Lydia’s House and works on a variety of social justice issues on the local and state levels with the goal of building the Beloved Community in our time. Trey also serves as one of six pastors of Park Avenue Baptist Church, a bold, inclusive, creative congregation that models non-hierarchical, collaborative leadership. He is married to another pastor at Park Avenue, Jen and they have two kids–Gabe and Taylor.

Lisa Sharon Harper

From Ferguson to New York to Germany and South Africa Ms. Harper leads trainings and helps mobilize clergy and community leaders around shared values for the common good. A prolific speaker, writer and activist, Ms. Harper is the founder and president of (launching online Fall 2017), a consulting group dedicated to shrinking the narrative gap in our nation by convening forums and experiences that bring common understanding, common commitment, and common action toward a just world. Ms. Harper is the author of several books, including: Evangelical Does Not Equal Republican…or Democrat (The New Press, 2008), Left Right and Christ: Evangelical Faith in Politics (Elevate, 2011), Forgive Us: Confessions of a Compromised Faith (Zondervan, 2014), and the critically acclaimed, The Very Good Gospel: How Everything Wrong can be Made Right (Waterbrook, a division of Penguin Random House, 2016). The Very Good Gospel, recognized as the “2016 Book of the Year” by Englewood Review of Books, explores God’s intent for the wholeness of all relationships in light of today’s headlines.

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