THE POD FATHER, Tripp Fuller, Helps Russ Celebrate Love in a Dangerous Time’s 100th Episode [LDT100]


Russ talks with Tripp Fuller, host of Homebrewed Christianity, the podcast that started the whole progressive Christian podcast niche. His show is focused on real theology, and real theologians. What a way to celebrate the 100th episode of Love in a Dangerous Time?


Well, Lovers, we did it! This podcast has accomplished a huge milestone. This is the one hundredth episode. It’s amazing!

Tripp Fuller

Whooda Thunkit? Of course, it took a little over three years to do it, but we DID it!!!

And to help celebrate, my guest is none other than The Pod Father himself, Tripp Fuller, if the Homebrewed Christianity Podcast. Back in the early twenty-first century (like ten years ago!), Tripp started his amazing cast in a world that didn’t really have well-known progressive Christian podcasting. Not only was he alone on the planet, but he created a show that delved into the depths of real theology, with niche-famous theologians joining him to discuss the important work of the day.

We talked about the whole niche thing. When I was in radio, we always wanted to make sure we could mobilize as large an audience as possible. This was at a listener-sponsored station, so we didn’t have to try to attract advertisers, but we had to justify what we were doing and how large was the audience that we were serving. But a podcaster can do a show that’s aimed directly at a very small audience of theology nerds (Tripp) or people who are trying to re-invent the Church (me).

We also talked about our favorite podcasts and life in general. It’s a good chat.

As to the next one hundred episodes…… I think there will be more great interviews about the many glaring issues facing the Church and our whole culture (these are, after all, Dangerous Times). It seems to me that among all the “issues” of the day, the possibility that our president may get us into a nuclear war is the most pressing issue of the twenty-first century so far. We’ll still be looking at the rise of racism/Nazism/super nationalism, but whenever I can, we’ll be talking about war. What do Christians think of war? What is nonviolence? And most importantly, as Christians, what is our job!?

So go ahead and click “play” and join the party.



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