VULNERABILITY OR INVULNERABILITY – A Talk with Theologian Dr. John Thatamanil [LDT043]

Pope Francis

Every once in a while, I read something or hear something that gives me a whole new way to understand my faith. This happened in September when I read an article in the Religion & Ethics online newsletter by Dr. John Thatanamil. John is an Associate Professor of Theology and World Religions at Union Theological Seminary – right up the street from the Love in a Dangerous Time world headquarters.

John used the occasion of Pope Francis’s visit and the ascendency of Donald Trump as

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

the leading Republican candidate for president to contrast this dichotomous duo’s stance in the world. The Pope, of course, represents the vulnerability of humans, while Trump claims he’s invulnerable and he can make all Americans invulnerable too.

This is not a theology lesson, or a look at how to deal with the church. It’s more of an all-nighter, where the conversation is to keep you going deeper and deeper into your own understanding. Please discuss this topic with your friends and write a comment here at Love In A Dangerous Time Dot Net.

Oh, and this is probably the episode with the most construction noise in it. My apologies. The work outside my window was finished shortly after the interview, so maybe this is the last time.


This interview is a response to an article written by John Thatamanil in the Religion & Ethics online newsletter: “Francis and Trump: Opposites Competing for the American Soul (click here).

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