ORGANIZING CHURCH COMMUNITIES TO CHANGE THE WORLD – a conversation with Rev. Dr. Peter Heltzel, founder of the Micah Institute [LDT019]

With tPeter tellin ithe increasing spread between the rich and the poor, a planet threatened with extinction, and a nation-wide and growing uprising against racism and police impunity, clergy and lay people in most cities are banding together to have more impact on public policy. In New York City, one of the most successful of these coalitions is The Micah Institute, which is under the umbrella of New York Theological Seminary.  Micah also has an academic side which gives Masters Degrees and PhDs through its parent organization, New York Theological Seminary. In fact, NYTS, through Micah, gives the nation’s only doctorate in Social Justice and Faith Rooted Organizing.

Our guest on this episode of Love in a Dangerous Time is Rev. Dr. Peter Heltzel. Peter teaches theology at NYTS and Union Seminary. He’s also an associate pastor at Park Avenue Christian Church and the founder/pastor of an informal church community in New York’s Hamilton Heights community called Freedom Fellowship.

In this episode we’ll talk about community organizing, the role of clergy, and the importance of justice work in church community

(LDT019)Peter & Alexia - FRO

Some useful links:

Peter Heltzel’s website, which includes his bio and information on his 8 books.

Twitter: @PeterHeltzel


New York Theological Seminary

NYTS’s Micah Institute page

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