JIM WALLIS on DANIEL BERRIGAN – How Daniel Berrigan Helped Save My Faith [LDT069]

Rev. Jim Wallis
Rev. Jim Wallis

This is a very special edition of Love in a Dangerous Time. It’s special for two reasons.

First, this episode was recorded on the GooseCast Stage at the Wild Goose Festival, on July 8, 2016. The Wild Goose, as most of you know, is where Spirit, Justice, Music & Art come together and over 3000 people of faith spend a weekend digging deep into their souls to grow and be transformed. This year, The Goose added a program to offer progressive Christian podcasters a chance to do a live episode on stage with an audience. There were twelve of us and it was a total blast. And it was called, of course, the GooseCast.

Recording in a tent, on the very busy grounds, lets you hear all of the ambiance of the Festival, while we’re having our conversation.

The second reason this is a special episode is that my guest is none other than Jim Wallis. You know Jim as the leader of Sojourners, one of the staunchest, fighting for justice, Christian organizations

Fr. Daniel Berrigan
Fr. Daniel Berrigan

around for over 40 years. Their magazine, both on paper and online, is must reading.

berrigans catonsville
Fr. Phil Berrigan & Fr. Dan Berrigan burning draft files with homemade napalm in Catonsville, MD, 1968

Back in April, we lost one of the most important peacemakers we’ve ever had, in the person of Father Daniel Berrigan. At that time, Jim published an article in Sojourners called “How Daniel Berrigan Helped Save My Faith” in which he told of his long and close friendship with Berrigan and the theological impact this peacemaking elder had had on him over decades. The theme of the Wild Goose Festival this year was “Story: Receive, Respond, Reshape,” and Jim Wallis’ stories about Fr. Dan, his faith, his political work, his poetry and his sense of humor were right on the money for the Goose.

If you don’t know much about Fr. Dan Berrigan, or if you know a lot, you’ll find this interview moving, interesting and valuable.
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Bererigan writingsTrial-of-the-Catonsville-Nine









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