PLANTING a CHURCH, with Rev. Sarah Buteux & Rev. Anna Woofenden [LDT005]

Many neSarah & Anna intervieww kinds of church have been tried in the past fifteen or twenty years. The standard model for church is simply not working in many twenty first century communities. Experiments have been very bold. Lots of gathering in pubs, coffee shops, outdoors, online. Today’s guests have both started congregations that center on the many aspects of food fellowship. Several months ago, Rev. Sarah Buteux founded Common Ground in Northampton, MS, which is a dinner church, forming community at the dinner table. Rev. Anna Woofenden started The Garden Church in San Pedro, CA only a few weeks ago. The Garden Church will ultimately be built around growing food, eating together, and worshiping together. Both guests are ordained Swedenborgian ministers (Rev. Buteau is also ordained in the United Church of Christ).

Common Ground – on the website of First Churches of Northampton

The Garden Church – on Anna’s site (for now), and on FaceBook. Check back for the url of The Garden Church’s website as soon as it’s done.

Garden Church fundraising campaign



Photo credit: Carol Hoffman

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