ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE – A Talk About the (Near) Future with Ed Rosenfeld [LDT037]

Ed RosenfeldI’m really looking forward to your reaction to today’s program. It’s a slightly different topic than you’d expect, but it’s very interesting and it is very related to what the Church will become in the next period in history. We’re going to talk with my friend, Ed Rosenfeld, about artificial intelligence. We’ll go from “Gee Whiz” to “Oh My God” in just a few short minutes.

For thirty-one years, Ed has edited a monthly newsletter called “Intelligence,” which is about the work going on around the world in the field of Artificial Intelligence. So he knows all the players and has a really good view of what’s going on. In our discussion, we talked about the fantastic things that are being tried, and more importantly about the many ramifications that this new technology will affect the daily lives of human beings. Imagine a world where there was literally no work to do. What would it be like? How would we spend our days? It’s all here in my talk with Ed Rosenfeld.

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