WHO OR WHAT GIVES YOU THE RIGHT TO KILL? – a second conversation with Rev. Dr. Jeff Hood [LDT018]

Rev. Dr. Jeff Hood, of Denton, TX is good friend of  Love in a Dangerous Time. Not only is this the second time he’s been

Rev. Dr. Jeff Hood with death row inmate, Will Speer
Rev. Dr. Jeff Hood with death row inmate, Will Speer

interviewed on the program, he is the guy who hooked me up with Brandon Roberson (Evangelicals for Marriage Equality – LDT003) and last week’s interview, Justin Hancock (The Julian Way: Disability Theology – LDT017).

Jeff has several projects going, but one that is at the center of his ministry is to work to abolish the death penalty. He blogs about it often, often with profiles of prisoners who are about to be executed. He has developed a personal relationship with Will Speer, a Texas death row inmate.

In this interview, Jeff talks about how he got involved in death penalty work and what the theology is that keeps him at it.   (LDT018)


Here are some helpful links:

Follow Jeff on Twitter:  @revjeffhood

On Facebook: Rev. Dr. Jeff Hood

Jeff’s blog:  www.revjeffhood.com

A piece by Will Speer – On the Meaning of Evil

Jeff’s Books

Texas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty – click here

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