Spirituality, With a Little Help – a conversation with Rev. Jennifer Hope Kottler [LDT020]

Rev. Jennifer Hope Kottler
Rev. Jennifer Hope Kottler

Today’s guest is Rev. Jennifer Hope Kottler, an ordained minister (Disciples of Christ) and a Spiritual Life Coach. She helps Christians, mostly clergy and very active lay people, bring a stronger spiritual center into their ministries. She takes her ministry to the streets in her internet radio program, “Spiritually Speaking with Rev. Jen & Rebecca,” with Rebecca Stevens, on the Life Coach Network on Blog Talk Radio.

Many Christians are baffled by spirituality. We can recognize a “very spiritual” person in our pastor or another lay person, but it’s very hard for most of us to describe our own spiritual life. With study, practice and exercise, Rev. Jen opens the vast spiritual riches in our faith’s traditions.

We also discuss the value of strengthening the spiritual life of our communities. How have some churches taken on this project of added depth?


Some useful links:

Rev. Jen’s website:  www.JeniferHopeKottler.com

Follow Rev. Jen on Facebook:  www.facebook.com/jenkottler

Follow Rev. Jen on Twitter:  @jenkottler

Internet Radio Program: Spiritually Speaking With Rev. Jen & Rebecca

Link to the program where I was her guest: click here

Jen mentioned Brian McLaren’s book, Naked Spirituality – click here

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