CONVERSION(S): AT THE BOTTOM – I’M GOING TO DO THIS – The Story of Co-Host Kristen Leigh [LDT089]

For the past year or so, we’ve occasionally done an interview series called “Conversion(s)”, in which very active people of faith tell their stories about how they got there. The idea is that there are many moments of conversion in each of our lives, when we have “growth spurts’’ toward understanding and faith coupled with big changes in how we do the work that comes with these new levels of growth.

Today’s guest is our new co-host, Kristen Leigh. Russ conducted an interview with Kristen back in February of 2016 (episode # LDT054), during which Kristen – a terrific singer-songwriter – focused on her music and her theological study of the relationship between the arts, creativity, and a life of faith.

In today’s episode, Kristen tells the story of her conversions in life, from a cynical “seeker” who thought Christianity was a silly religion, to a seminary graduate who now works for the church in various capacities (and now co-hosting a ‘religious podcast’).

Kristen jamming with the legendary R.L. Haney in New York

It’s a very heartfelt story, full of bewilderment and insight.

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