ECCLESIA MINISTRIES: Bringing Church to the Rejected – A conversation with Fr. Clyde Kuemmerle [LDT013]

Truly I tell you, just as you did it

to one of the least of these 

who are members of my family,

you did it to me. (Matthew 25:40)

Fr. Clylde Kuemmerle takes the Gospel to where the homeless and rejected meet and live. The parks of New York City serve as the “living room” of the poor. Every Sunday in New York three parks where poor and homeless people congregate, Ecclesia Ministries holds Church, complete with hymns, readings, prayers and communion. Then, the Church serves lunch to all who are

The Ecclesia Cross
The Ecclesia Cross

there. This powerful witness also becomes a “home” for its congregants, as the weeks go by. In times we (including Christians) make the poor invisible, ignoring them as we walk down the street, a ministry like this brings us face to face with the people at the basis of Jesus’

understanding.                (LDT013)

Ecclesia Ministries of New York


Clyde Kuemmerle at Zucotti Park. Russ Jennings in background.
Clyde Kuemmerle at Zucotti Park. Russ Jennings in background.
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