SINGING FROM THE DEPTHS – with singer/songwriter Kristen Leigh [LDT054]

Kristen Leigh
Kristen Leigh

We’ve got a musical show for you today. One that focuses on both the Christian music scene, and the NOT-Christian-Music scene. The artist is Kristen Leigh, who now lives in Greensboro, North Carolina and has been performing around the country for several years. I met her when we worked together on the 2012 Wild Goose. Kristen is a graduate of Union Theological Seminary, here in New York, and her songs are terrific. She shies away from explicitly Christian lyrics, and does not do “worship music,” so she’s not really a part of the Christian Music industry. With her degree in Theology and the Arts, at Union, she’s deepened the understanding of the role culture plays in spirituality, and of how art (especially music) can deliver very important experiences to people if it is free of the expectations often imposed on the genre. We’ll hear some of her music in the recording. You’re going to like it.

So let’s start out with a cut from her latest album, “Making Friends With Ghosts.” This one is called, “Sacred Heart”, by Kristen Leigh.


Kristen’s website – - over shoulder

Click here for the music page

Click here for her CD Baby page

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