CARNIVAL de RISISTANCE – Flipping All the Scripts, with Tevyn East & Jay Beck [LDT062]

Carnival de ResistanceToday we’re going to talk with a couple of people who are taking the whole idea of ministry to a new, and really fun, level. We’ll talk about “Carnival de Resistance,” with Tevyn East and Jay Beck.

But first, I want to apologize for doing only one episode in the month of April. Of course, the episode that I did put up, number 61, “BELOVED EARTH COMMUNITY – Doing Climate Work in a Large Church, with Beth Ackerman”, was a really good one about a very large church in New York and the movement within the church to divest from fossil fuel companies. There’s lots of good info there (including a very useful document they’ve produced) that will be useful to any congregation that’s working on this Earth-saving project. So, if you missed it, please go to and listen. You’ll be glad you did.

So April has been a busy month. Between a paying gig (I know you know that podcasting doesn’t pay most of us) and some family things that came up, I fell behind on lining up interviews, and well… things just piled up. But I’m back now with some really interesting things in the pipeline. One thing to look forward to is a very special interview with Saint Misbehavin’ himself, Wavy Gravy. It’s a gem, and Wavy is a gem too. That one will drop the day after Mr. Gravy’s eightieth birthday (which his May 15).

Getting back to the business of podcasts not paying. Actually they cost. There are monthly fees that must be paid, and equipment, and the occasional marketing effort. And it wouldn’t it be great if I was able to make a living doing this work that I love so much. So, Lovers, maybe it’s time to step up the plate and go to my Patreon page –, or you can click the icon on the front page of – and sign up for a monthly contribution of one dollar or more. I support a couple of podcasts on Patreon myself. It’s pretty painless. Every little bit counts and when you put your dollar (or 2, or 5) together with a whole bunch of generous Lovers, suddenly it becomes some real money and I can put more focus on this podcast. There are some pretty snazzy rewards for becoming a patron, but I’m sure none is so great as the warm, toasty feeling in your heart, because you are a patron of a podcast that gets you into the middle of the conversation about what’s next for the Church. It’s a beautiful thing.

Tevyn East

Note: I’m having a problem with the video on Patreon right now, but it’ll be fixed in the next couple of weeks.


Now, back to Carnival de Resistance. Tevyn East & Jay Beck have created a full-blow circus that takes the audience (participants, actually) into another world of consciousness and through sometimes life-changing experiences. They use all the arts – music, dance, theatre, painting, wild costumes, crazy hats, and sometimes bizarre ways of talking and acting – to blast open the fences we build around our way of being in the world. And all of this comes from their solid understanding of the Gospel and how it can lead to deep change. They have been working for many years with their long-time mentor, theologian, Ched Meyers. A lot of their work is focused helping people learn how to love and protect our planet, and how to love our “neighbor” in ways that can bring justice. They do some really great things, and their story is fascinating. I think now it’s time to go the interview and see how it changes your life.



Jay Beck_0
Jay Beck


Short video about the Carnival

Gorgeous pics from their recent residency in Charlotte, NC 

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