THE SERVANT LEADERSHIP SCHOOL: A Model For Grounding Activism in Faith (and vice versa) – a talk with Director Ruth D. Anderson [LDT090]

This week, with the violence and terror that has descended on Charlottesville, VA, we are reminded of the importance of continuing the work of dismantling systemic oppression by effectively engaging systems of power through nonviolent forms of resistance wherever we are – whether we are marching in the streets or having a conversation with a family member, or a co-worker, or a stranger at the grocery store.

Our guest today is Dr. Ruth D. Anderson, Director of a program based in Greensboro, NC that has become a hub for ecumenical community and activism by seeking to empower and encourage individuals from every denomination and walk of life to live their inner and outer lives in accordance with the core values of the Gospel. Their 2-year curriculum leads people through a process of inward reflection and self-awareness that helps folks begin to identify unhealthy power dynamics, not only in our culture but in ourselves, making us more effective leaders and healers of this world.

Ruth Anderson – Director Servant Leadership School, Greensboro, NC

Ruth is an author, teacher, facilitator, and community activist. She taught for 15 years as a tenured professor, and then worked as Vice President for an international corporation, so she knows well the inner workings (and failings) of traditional models for leadership and institutional power. She has found her own sense of call in helping others begin to step out of that paradigm, and into a more “Kingdom-based” model for relating to themselves and others.

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