CONVERSION(S) – JP Ross and His Journey as a Punk Rock Christian [LDT070]

John Paul "JP" Ross
John Paul “JP” Ross

Everyone has a story about how they got where they are, and some of the most interesting stories come from the experience of becoming a “convert” to a faith tradition. Often it’s the thrill of running down the aisle in an alter call to be “saved”, or it might be a quiet moment of suddenly “getting it,” or it might come from reading a book. But usually, there are several conversions that lie ahead. As we grow in our faith, we approach it as someone who has grown. New questions lead to new answers; and new answers lead to new questions. These conversions are interesting, and often moving, but even more they help us grasp the ongoing dynamism of who we are in our faith.

So, every once in a while, I’m going to give you another episode in the “Conversion(s)” series. We’ll hear about the twisted road that got people to where they are now. Stay tuned.

Today’s Conversion(s) story comes from John-Paul (J.P.) Ross, a seminarian from New York. J.P. is doing some amazing work with homeless people now, but it wasn’t always that way. I think you’ll find his Conversion(s) story really compelling.

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