THE JULIAN WAY: Disability Theology – A conversation with Rev. Justin Hancock [LDT017]

Justin & Lisa - 1
Justin & Lisa Hancock

Rev. Justin Hancock and his wife Lisa Hancock are in the early stages of creating an intentional Christian community in Dallas, TX, that will be focused on living the Gospel in the body that you have. They are now in the planning stages, working with the Missional Wisdom Foundation, of bringing support and understanding into the lives of disabled people who want to live the Gospel in the bodies they were given. Their project is called The Julian Way, after the 14th Century mystic, Julian of Norwich.  (LDT017)


Here are some helpful links:

See the trailer for Justin’s upcoming film – click here

This is their fundraising site:

Follow Justin & Lisa on Twitter:  @Freecaptive812

An article by Rev. Jeff Hood ; The Queerness of Disability: The Julian Way

Center for Independent Living –

The Missional Wisdom Foundation –

Keep your eyes out for Justin Hancock’s book, The Julian Way: Toward a Theology of Wholeness for All of God’s People

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