NO CHANGE REQUIRED: a chat with Rev. Rosa Lee Harden about Love [LDT050]


Rev. Rosa Lee Harden
Rev. Rosa Lee Harden

If you’ve been listening to this show for a while, you know that some of the episodes are about innovations in the whole concept of Christian community, like the subtitle says: “A Conversation About Communities of Faith and How We Change the World.” Some episodes are about an interesting new book or an author who writes a lot of interesting books. Some are less didactic and are just conversations with friends, talking about interesting topics. You know, the all night conversations; the ones that start out with a little idea or story and keep going and going till the wee hours. Today is one of those “wee hour” episodes.

Last summer, at the Wild Goose Festival, I was in the little tent near the main stage (I was the stage manager of the main stage), waiting for John Dear to go on and do his talk. So John and Festival Director, Rosa Lee Harden were back there chatting and Rosa Lee said, “It used to be that I’d always preach that God loves you just the way you are. That was my whole message. But at some point it didn’t seem like enough.” At that moment, John was called to the stage and our conversation was halted.

I’ve been thinking about what Rosa Lee said for the five or six months since the Goose. So today’s episode is a chat with Rosa Lee to get deeper into it. It’s a rich discussion. And fortunately it doesn’t go into the wee hours.

I’d love for you to join the bull session with us. Please leave a comment on the episode’s page on, or click on the microphone icon on the right and leave an audio recording (you know, the kind I could play on a future cast to keep the conversation going).

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Rosa Lee Harden’s bio on SOCAP website:

Twitter:  @MoneyMeaning

Chuck Cannon, songwriter:

It All Comes Down To Love (mp3) Support Love in a Dangerous time by clicking here to order
It All Comes Down To Love (mp3)
Support Love in a Dangerous time by clicking here to order




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