RE-THINKING THE CHURCH BEFORE IT WAS COOL – Wisdom from church pioneer Rev. Frank Dew [LDT092]

In 1985, Rev. Frank Dew planted a small Presbyterian church in Greensboro, NC called “New Creation” that focused on relationships, community, and social justice.  For over 30 years, this diverse group of people has come together to discuss the Scriptures, break bread, and share a meal together, much like the early Christians in Acts. This was one of the earliest manifestations of an “emerging church,” before anybody really knew what the “emerging church” was.  It was genuine, it was prophetic, and it was rooted in the Gospel.


In this interview, retired pastor Frank Dew shares with us some of the wisdom and perspective he gained after decades of doing this work. Frank also worked for 22 years as chaplain at Greensboro Urban Ministry, and he is the author of a book entitled Improving Our Acoustics for Hearing the Gospel, which describes how the experience of worshipping and working alongside poor and marginalized people has given him “ears to hear” the Gospel of Jesus Christ in whole new ways.

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