SPIRIT and DANCE-MUSIC-ART – The Powerful Work of the Open Choir, with Mario Biagini [LDT074]

Open Choir in action. Mario in center w white shirt.
Open Choir in action. Mario in center w white shirt.

Today’s episode combines theatre, music and spirituality. I know many of you, like me, see all three of those as aspects of the same thing. And so does Mario Biagini, main force behind The Open Program, which is based in Florence, Italy, but comes to New York every few months to do some of their programs. The group is a direct descendant of the Polish theater

Jerzy Grotowski
Jerzy Grotowski

e director, Jerzy Grotowski. Here’s what their material says about him:

“Considered one of the most important and influential theatre practitioners of the 20th century, Jerzy Grotowski revolutionized contemporary theatre in multiple ways. Grotowski changed the way Western theatre artists and performance theorists conceive of the audience-actor relationship, theatre staging and the craft of acting. Perhaps best known for his notion of ‘poor theatre,’ Grotowski’s practice extends beyond the confines of conventional theatre assuming a long-term and systematic exploration of the possibilities of the human being in action and relation in a performance context.”

The programs they bring us are deeply spiritual. With haunting music and meditative dance, they move the watcher but even more the performer. And when I say “performer” I mean people who have been studying it for decades as well as first-timers.

I think you’ll want to look more deeply into this work, so be sure to look at the links below and if you’re in the northeast, click on the poster to see the dates for their events in mid-October of 2016.

There is a lot of noise in this recording. I’ve cleaned it up as best I can, so you shouldn’t have any problem following it.




Click poster for Open Choir’s October 2016 NYC events



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