THE CHRISTIANS AND THE PAGANS: a talk with Rev. Phil Wyman of Salem, Massachusetts [LDT052]


Rev. Phil Wyman
Rev. Phil Wyman

We’re going to talk with Rev. Phil Wyman, of Salem, Massachusetts. You might have heard somewhere that Salem was the center of the famous witch trials of the 17th century. The fact is that there are “witches” in Salem, and Pagans too. And Phil was actually thrown out of his denomination for making friends with them and working with them.  He has a just-published book, Burning Religion: navigating the impossible space between religion and secular society, which tells that story and looks at the whole question of working with “the other” and the special openings in people that happen in festival encounters with other people and with the mysteries themselves.

Phil Wyman at WildGoose 2012. (The guy on the left is me)
Phil Wyman at WildGoose 2012. (The guy with the white hat is me)

Phil’s church, The Gathering at Salem, was founded in 2001 and was ejected from the denomination with him. They’re still functioning today, working to make cracks in our world. After all, that’s how the light gets in.

Hang on, Lovers. This is going to be fun.

Buy Phil's new book and support Love In A Dangerous Time. Click the cover
Buy Phil’s new book on Amazon and support Love In A Dangerous Time. Click the cover


The Gathering at Salem
The Gathering at Salem





The Gathering at Salem –

Article: “Phil Wyman’s Experience. A 21st Century Witch Trial

Twitter: @PhilWyman

Phil’s Blog: Burning Religion



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