BELOVED EARTH COMMUNITY – Doing Climate Work In a Large Church, with Beth Ackerman [LDT061]

Beloved Earth 2015
Beloved Earth Community contingent in 2014 Climate March

Today we take on Climate Change. My guest is Beth Ackerman, who’s a member of The Riverside Church, here in New York – only four blocks from the Love in a Dangerous Time world headquarters. Beth is the sparkplug who started a very exciting movement among Riversiders to take action on this life-or-death issue facing us all. We talk about her own story of how the “Beloved Earth Community” was formed at Riverside, and some of the interesting particularities of doing social justice work in a very large church.

If you are doing social change work in your community, as a church group, you’ll find this interview very interesting. Linked below, are two very informative documents that the Beloved Earth Community created and that you find useful in the work you’re doing in your own congregation.

If you would like to be put on the mailing list for The Beloved Earth Community’s newsletter, send me an email ( and I’ll get your email address to Beth.

Full disclosure: I am a former member of The Riverside Church, and worked with Beth and the Beloved Earth Community before I left.



Beloved Earth Community’s document about divestment.

Divestment FAQ

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