BUSHWICK ABBEY – Rev. Nell Archer & Rev. Vince Anderson about music, art, and gentrification in Brooklyn, NY [LDT094]

Rev. Vince Anderson
Rev. Nell Archer

There’s a lot of church planting going on these days. And many of these plants are flourishing as alternative worshiping communities, made up of people who usually wouldn’t be caught dead in church. Kristen spoke with  the two leaders of this experiment.

An unlikely partnership in Brooklyn’s Bushwick neighborhood, where development-fueled gentrification is driving out the Latinx residents, artists and other alternative folk who for years have given the neighborhood it’s character. In a time when many stay away from organized religion, saying that it is “lame,” this small congregation is flourishing. It’s all made possible by a collaboration between Rev. Vince Anderson, former pastor of Revolution Church, and Rev. Nell Archer, vicar of Iglesia de Santa Cruz, a primarily Dominican congregation. Vince is a powerhouse Blues & R&B singer with a calling to minister to people who are “left out.” Nell is a creative and visionary vicar, willing to experiment in order to build a community that embodies the Gospel.

Believe me. Bushwick Abbey is anything but lame!


Nell’s Facebook page: facebook.com/nell.archer

Vince’s Facebook lage: facebook.com/Rev-Vince-Anderson-and-his-Love-Choir-74494194069/

Bushwick Abbey website: bushwickabbey.org

Blog: bushwickabbey.wordpress.com/

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