SANCTUARY! LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR: Rev. Julian DeShazier on Justice Work, and Hip Hop [LDT067]

Rev. Julian DeShazier, aka JKwest
Rev. Julian DeShazier, aka JKwest

Hey, Lovers. Welcome to Love in a Dangerous Time. It’s so good to be back with you. Things are a little slower in the summer, so I’m going to install a summer schedule to try to even it out a bit. You’ve already noticed that I haven’t been my usual machine-like self, with a new episode every week. So, for the summer, I’ll put out a new episode every two weeks. I hope this is enough to keep you coming back. I have some good interviews lined u, so you won’t want to miss any of it.

I hope everyone is planning to go to Wild Goose in a couple of weeks. That’s from Thursday, July 7 to Sunday, July 10, in Beautiful Hot Springs, North Carolina. I often say it’s a cross between Church Camp and Burning Man, and it really is. Lots of great music, art and politics. And lots of late-night conversation about issues around living in our faith in such a way that we really do help change the world.

This year, for the first time, The Goose will feature a podcast stage, called GooseCast. We’ll have 14 of the leading progressive Christian podcasters on stage, in front of an audience, recording an episode of their cast. So stop on by and meet some of the folks you’ve been listening to. My on-stage episode will be on Friday at 1:30. I’ll be interviewing Jim Wallis, of Sojourners, on his friendship with Fr. Daniel Berrigan.

And Wild Goose understands that podcast listeners are the coolest people in the world, so they have offered you, our listeners, a 25% discount on your tickets. Just use the promo code, “GooseCast2016” when you’re ordering.

I want to be sure you know that we now have special Facebook group just for Lovers. It’s at

Jose Juan Moreno and his family.
Jose Juan Moreno and his family. I hope lots of you will go there occasionally to participate in discussions about the various episodes. I’ve had interviews with some controversial people over the last two years. Leave a comment if they piss you off, or inspire you to new heights.

And Lovers, today’s episode is a talk with Rev. Julian DeShazier, a Chicago pastor whos church has given sanctuary to an undocumented man, from Mexico, who has been ordered by the Immigration Service to leave his family and move back to Mexico. We talk about the reasons that Rev. DeShazier’s church decided to take the risk of supporting their neighbor.

The other aspect of this interview is Rev. DeShazier’s alter ego, JKwest, who is a very conscious rapper in the Chicago area. He’s got a new album, called “Lemonade” (no relation to the Beyonce alum of the same name), and we open wit a cut from it called “Whatever Happened.”


Click her to order “Lemonade” on BandCamp


I Woke Up (original version) –


Chicago New Sanctuary Coalition


Chicago Religious Leadership Network on Latin America


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