Two Religions: Creation & Empire – A talk with Wes Howard-Brook [LDT028]

Wes Howard-BrookWho wrote the book of Genesis? What did Adam & Eve actually lose by trying to “do better” than God? Was David really a great king? Was Solomon wise? Were the early Judeans following God by installing kings? What did Jesus think of the Temple?

According to Dr. Wes Howard-Brook, our guest today, it turns out that the Bible presents us two mutually exclusive religions: The religion of Creation, and the religion of Empire. His 2010 book, “Come Out, My People: God’s Call out of Empire in the Bible and Beyond,” starts with Genesis and takes us through to Revelation, showing how these two religions interact.

In our interview, he discusses how the two trends have shaped the religion of today, with the more dominant Empire religion constantly tempting us away from the religion of Creation. It’s a book that can have a big effect on how we practice our faith.

I was first introduced to “Come Out, My People” by Rev. Bob Brashear, of New York. Bob was the guest on the very first episode of Love in a Dangerous Time, back in September of 2014, and he, along with Rev. Steve Phelps, participated in an Open Ended Discussion in the #Church2B series on the podcast in March. I’ve invited Bob to co-host with me on this interview.


Here are some links:

Wes Howard Brook

At Seattle University

“Abide In Me” – a spiritual direction ministry Wes and his wife, Sue Ferguson Johnson

 Come Out My People – Click here to order from Amazon and support Love in a Dangerous Time

Come Out, My People: God's Call out of Empire in the Bible and Beyond
Come Out, My People: God’s Call out of Empire in the Bible and Beyond



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