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church-closedHi, Lovers – You man have noted that with the repeat of the Brian McLaren episode (episode 72) and the interview with Rick Ufford-Chase (episode 76) a them is emerging, or rather re-emerging, here on Love in a Dangerous Time. In March of 2015 I posted a kind of a manifesto called #Church2B. In it I called for a series of open-ended conversations about the fact that the Church is in a deep crisis time, and about how we, as progressive Christians can respond to bring our faith commitment into the twenty first century – probably with a very changed Church. Brian’s and Rick’s books (Brian: The Great Spiritual Migration, and Rick: Faithful Resistance) both take on this topic and put forward clear (and quite similar) analysis of the situation as well as creative and often profound ideas about what we can/should do.

As a small niche podcaster, I have no illusions about how much help I personally can be to this process, but if we can get a bigger conversation going we could go into this future with tools and perspectives that can really help people find ways to contribute to a truly better world.

So, I’m re-releasing episode 24, with some extra information here, to start that discussion again. I can imagine some future episodes being more open ended discussions, which followed the original release of the #Church2B document (episodes 25 & 32). We’ll also be looking at some other books on the subject and some of the experiments in community and theological education that are popping up all over the country.

So Lovers, I invite you to join the conversation. You can leave your thoughts on the website, www.LoveInADangerousTime.net or on our new Facebook community at www.facebook.com/LoveInADangerousTime. (a note to anyone who has tried to leave a comment at facebook/LoveInDTime. We’re not using that one any more). You can post your ideas anywhere, but please use the hashtag, #Church2B, so we can all find your thoughts on the web.

This is all happening because the times are getting urgent and because we do have a real opportunity. With Brian’s and Rick’s books out there, and the Wild Goose Festival, and some of the experiments going on, there is lots to talk about. Let’s get into it and create future.

Now, here’s the re-broadcast of the manifesto, #Church2B.


Ep 24 – #Church2B Manifesto – http://loveinadangeroustime.net/church2b/

ep 32 – Rev. Dr. Peter Heltzel & Rev. Jacqui Lewis – http://loveinadangeroustime.net/page/5/

ep 25 – Rev. Bob Brashear & Rev. Steve Phelps – http://loveinadangeroustime.net/open-ended-conversation-rev-bob-brashear-rev-steve-phelps/

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