ARE YOU RELIG-ISH? – a talk with Rachelle Mee-Chapman on Spiritual-But-Not-Religious and her upcoming book, “Relig-ish” [LDT059]

Rachell Mee-Chapman
Rachell Mee-Chapman

These days, a lot of people are leaving the Church communities they grew up with and not really replacing it with anything. They feel that they are deeply spiritual people, but find their churches and denominations to be oppressive and insular. Some folks are refocusing their view of Christianity and launching themselves into a faith that is more open and even more justice oriented. And some, are really done with church and are putting together their own brand of spirituality that doesn’t include any of what they consider to be the oppressive baggage of Christianity. These folks are, as you’ve probably guessed, the “Spiritual but not Religious.”

Rachelle Mee-Chapman, my guest in this episode, is one of these folks. She was actually an ordained minister in the Vinyard denomination when she started having her doubts. Over a very difficult period of a few years, she left her church and eventually emerged as a leader among the Spiritual but not Religious. With some of her former co-congregants and some folks she met online, through her blog she has developed a community of seekers who are consciously working to bring the divine into their lives outside the Church. Rachelle also leads a women’s online community called “Flock.”

We talked about the agony of leaving your faith tradition behind and the excitement of adding things to your life that bring meaning and help you stay oriented.

Rachelle has a book coming out in June called (appropriately), “Relig-ish.”


Check out Rachelle’s website:

Rachelle’s book, “Relig-ish”, comes out in June of 2016. As soon as it appears on Amazon, I’ll add a link here.

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