SPIRIT and SALVATION – with Theologian Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen [LDT065]


Rev. Dr. Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen
Rev. Dr. Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen

Lovers! It’s so good to be with you again.  I have a very interesting guest today, but first I want to talk with you about The Wild Goose Festival. The Goose will take flight on Thursday, July 7 and come in for a landing on Sunday, July 10. It all takes place in beautiful Hot Springs, North Carolina. As usual there will be dozens of amazing speakers, authors, leaders, artists and musicians coming together to think about what our faith means to us and what it means that we have to do. The Goose is both kid-friendly and adult friendly, so it’s time to get your tickets. That way you won’t miss any of the amazing speakers, performers, or beer & hymns.

This year you get a special bonus for listening to podcasts. You knew it was going to happen, right? This year, just because you listen to Love in a Dangerous Time you can get 25% off on your tickets, just by using the offer code: “GooseCast2016” when you go to WildGooseFestival.org and order your tickets. Lovers, that’s real money. And don’t forget to come to the GoosCast stage, where the cream of the crop of progressive Christian podcasters will be recording live episodes right there in front of an audience. Of course, you won’t want to miss the live recording of Love in a Dangerous Time, on Friday at 1:00, when I’ll interview Jim Wallis about his friendship with the late (and truly great) Father Daniel Berrigan, the amazing worker for peace. It’ll be epic!!

Veli-Matti & Peter
Dr. Kärkkäinen with Dr. Peter Heltzel of New York Theological Seminary

Today’s interview is going to be epic as well. Finnish/American theologian, Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen just released (well, actually his publisher Eredmans just released) volume four of his five-volume systematic theology, A Constructive Christian Theology for the Pluralistic World, the title of this volume is Spirit and Salvation. Kärkkäinen is very committed to the experience of the Holy Spirit in life itself. He focuses quite a bit on the world-wide upsurge of Pentacostalism and refers to the daily experience of the Spirit in that world. Check out the link below.

And as if that wasn’t enough, Lovers, I have another little bonus for you. If you want to go deeper into his theology, I’m including a link to the audio from a book event featuring Kärkkäinen and four other theologians from the New York area discussing his work. This event was sponsored by New York Theological Seminary and organized by Professor Peter Heltzel.

NYTS Event – Part 1

NYTS Event – Part 2

So Lovers, I’m thrilled that you’re listening to this episode, but maybe you should get that 25% discount to Wild Goose right now. I’m just sayin’.


Dr. Kärkkäinen’s Author Page on Amazon

Many Thanks to New York Theological Seminary
Many Thanks to New York Theological Seminary
Order the book on Amazon and support Love in a Dangerous Time
Click here to order the book on Amazon and support Love in a Dangerous Time
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