Rev. DONNA SCHAPER – Dispatch #2 & #2a – from COP22 World Climate Summit [LDT081]

Hey, Lovers – Here’s the second round of Rev. Donna Schaper’s reporting from the Climate Summit. Our thanks to Religion Dispatches, for permission to include them here.

The Climate Summit is a huge meeting, in Marrakesh, Morocco, that is following up on the progress of the Climate Treaty that came out of last year’s summit and to ponder the future in a world with Donald Trump as US president. When he takes office, on January 20, President Trump will be the ONLY head of state who does not believe in human-made climate change.

Below are two dispatches from Rev. Donna. More tomorrow. Go to facebook,com/LoveInADangerousTime to join the discussion.

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Click here to read .pdf
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Click here to read .pdf


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