Hi, Lovers – Before I launch into today’s – very special – episode of Love in a Dangerous Time, I

Wavy's presidential campaign
Wavy’s presidential campaign

want to give you some really great news!!!  This year, the Wild Goose Festival will feature a special stage devoted to the many progressive Christian podcasts that you and I listen to all the time.  And, even more exciting, I can offer you a 25% (yeah, I know I said 20% in the recording, but it’s 25% – Really) discount on your tickets to the Goose. Just use the promo code “GooseCast2016” and your computer will do the math. Remember, The Wild Goose Festival (which is at Wild Goose is July 7-10, in beautiful Hot Springs, North Carolina. (Yes, you will be free to use the bathroom of your choice.) Love In A Dangerous Time’s live recording on the GooseCast stage will be on Saturday at 4:00. I’d love to meet you all, so come on by.

And now: Oh my Goodness! Lovers! I have an amazing interview for you today. Today is Sunday, May 15, 2016 and it is the eightieth birthday of none other than Wavy Gravy.  I usually release my programs on Monday, but it just wavy-peace signseemed right to put this one out there on Mr. Gravy’s birthday. I recorded it back in February, while I was visiting my old stompin’ grounds of the San Francisco Bay Area, and visited Wavy at his Berkeley home.

I’m betting that a lot of you Lovers are too young to remember many of the names Wavy mentions, or be able to sing any of the songs by the bands who he’s worked with, but you will resonate with one of the most amazingly pure hearts on the planet. Wavy Gravy is the King of the Hippies, from his days as a Beat Poet, in Greenwich Village in the early sixties, to his time as the head of security at the legendary Woodstock Music Festival, to helping to form the Seva Foundation to eradicate blindness in the Third World, through cataract operations, to the “Nobody for President” campaign (“Who’s in Washington working for you? Nobody!!”). He even started a summer camp to teach circus skills and (more importantly, “human being skills”) to thousands of kids.

His bio is positively operatic. The best way to really familiarize yourself with him is to watch a recent biographical film, “Saint Misbehavin’” (see link below), or read his autobiography, “Something Good for a Change: Random Notes on Peace Thru Living” (also, see link below)(… and check out page 81!!).

I edited almost nothing from this interview. Wavy is the classic storyteller, and his stories are a rich window, not only into the very special culture of the sixties, but into the heart of generosity and love. That’s his life. That’s why I would absolutely nominate him for sainthood.

A word to the more conservative among you. You’ll hear Wavy talk positively about uwavygravy900x750sing some of the favorite drugs of the sixties. I understand how that might bother you and even undermine your ability to listen to him talk. But please, listen to the whole interview. This guy is for real. And he’s done a lot to make this world a much better place.

If you have something to say about this program, or about Wavy Gravy, please leave a comment at, in the comments section about this episode. Or you can now leave a comment, and join the conversation, at my new Facebook community page at I’d love to hear from you, no matter what you have to say. So let’s talk.

To quote Wavy Gravy (who is actually quoting Ken Kesey – the author of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”), “Always put your good where it can do the most.”


Order "Saint Misbehavinn'" here and help support Love In A Dangerous Time
Order here and help support Love In A Dangerous Time


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