FOLK PSALMS – Ancient Poems Sing in the Twenty First Century, with musician, Charles Pettee [LDT060]

heartsWe have another musical show for you today, featuring Charles Pettee, of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, who has taken the Psalms and set them to bluegrass style music. This is really going to be fun, so stick around.

Today’s program is going to take us into the Psalms. I have to confess that in my upbringing I never got interested in the Psalms. So I don’t know them very well at all. Charles Pettee has taken on the project of turning these ancient songs and poems into contemporary Bluegrassy folk songs, and this really brings them to life. These songs make it more possible to imagine yourself in the Psalm – praying, lamenting, or ripping God a new one for some injustice you think that God has done.Charles Pettee

We’ll transition into the interview with a cut from Charles’ first Psalm album, Steady Love. The cut is called Refuge and it uses the words of Psalm 144. Enjoy.


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