Brandan Robertson
Brandan Robertson

Brandan Robertson is a young Evangelical who wants to make the Church’s theology match up with what it does in the world. He and some friends recently announced the creation of Evangelicals for Marriage Equality. The organization’s purpose is to carry on serious conversations with Evangelicals about this difficult topic. The announcement of their organization came in the form of an opinion piece, written by Robertson, in Time Magazine. Brandon was in Texas, visiting Rev. Jeff Hood, so Jeff suggested this interview. (See Jeff Hood’s interview: LDT002)

Evangelicals for Marriage Equality website:

Time Magazine article, by Brandan, announcing EME – here

Brandon’s Huffington Post blog: here

The Revangelical Podcast – here

Brandon’s webpage, “Revangelical” – here

Brandon’s Patheos blog – here

Twitter – @BrandanJR



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