COFFEEPOT FELLOWSHIP – Jay McNeal talks about his podcast and his very interesting ministry [LDT071]

Rev. Jay McNeal
Rev. Jay McNeal

Summer is almost over and I hope it has been going well for you. I’m in the throes of moving these days, so sometimes I may be a little distracted. I think I’ll be able to stick to my schedule of a new episode every other Monday till after Labor Day, when we’ll return to the one episode per week system.

This episode is a direct outgrowth of the GooseCast program at Wild Goose. For those of you who don’t know it, The Goose, this year has begun a podcasters program, and I was lucky enough to be the guy who put it together. So I’ve gotten to meet many of my favorite podcasters and also some new folks I didn’t know about.

One of my new podcasting friends is Jay McNeal, who’s “Coffeepot Fellowship” podcast has been going on for a bit over a year, and also has over eighty episodes. Jay and I talk about his life, using the same series of questions that he uses to structure his episodes, and then we talk about United Faith Leaders, an entrepreneurial ministry that he’s building.

I have links to both the “Coffeepot Fellowship” podcast and United Faith Leaders below.

We had a great chat. I hope you enjoy it.

One of the themes of the GooseCast program is that we need more progressive Christian podcasts. I invite you to search on iTunes & Stitcher and find a few and then listen to thJay w coupleem. In addition to helping you connect with some great information and points of view, these casts may inspire you to start one of your own. If you need help getting started, drop me a note at, which is my production company, and I can help you through the tall grass of tech stuff for very Goosely rates.

Coffeepot Fellowship






Use zip code 23227 to see how United Faith Leaders can work


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