CONVERSION(S) – Roger Dewey’s Life of Seeking Conversion [LDT073]


This is the latest in the CONVERSION(S) series. The idea here is that we all have many conversions in our life that define who we are a Christians, and that the stories of those conversions is often fascinating.

Roger and his wife, Claire
Roger and his wife, Claire

For most people, a conversion kind of “happens” to them. They’re in some situation where they’re almost forced to grow. My guest today, Roger Dewey, is a guy who’s gone through his whole life deliberately seeking conversions. And he’s had many. He started out very conservative, in both the religious and political sense. But throughout his life he’s put himself into situations that he knew would change him. This led him into a life of working for justice and understanding with a truly liberating way of listening to Jesus.

Roger has three books that tell of his journey from different angles (click below)

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Roger’s Website-

Click here to go to Roger's books on Amazon (and help support Love in a Dangerous Time)
Click here to go to Roger’s books on Amazon (and help support Love in a Dangerous Time)
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