A PILGRIMAGE INTO RACISM: Tour of the South, with Bishop Raymond Blanchette & Michelle Alexander MD [LDT085]

Lots of us, both Black and white, who live in the north and the far west, actually believe that the gains of the civil

The Rev. Bishop Raymond Ruffen-Blanchette

rights movemen

MIchelle Alexander, MD

t actually did the deal, and that now we live in a country where racism is pretty much under control and that the situation is getting better every year. For about ten years now, New York Theological Seminary (NYTS) has lead a pilgrimage to the American South, to give northerners the experience of being in a racist zone, that’s not – while some important victories have been won – significantly more enlightened or democratic (or safe, or fair, or uplifting…..) than it was in the 1950s. The tour included students, faculty and clergy plus some individuals who just wanted to be part of it. Organized by The Rev. Dr. Eleanor Moody Shephard and The Rev. Dr. Peter Heltzel, both of NYTS, the trip covered some of the most important sites of the Civil Rights movement and present-day struggle.

Back in April, I went to Peter Heltzel’s birthday party, which turned out to be on the evening of the day they returned to New York. I spent some time with two people who had been on the trip, and they were absolutely breathless with excitement about what they learned and how they could see it affecting their lives.

Well, Lovers – these two are my guests today. Michelle Alexander, MD is a physician in New York, and Bishop Dr. Raymond Ruffen-Blanchette is one of New York City’s most active progressive clergy. Both of them came back with a whole new vision.

Let’s go, Lovers. And after you hear it, send the link to your friends.

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