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Love in a Dangerous Time will be primarily three different threads of inquiry.

  1. We will, of course, interview authors about new books. These will mostly be the popular (e. not academic) books by the likes of Brian McLaren, John Dominic Crossan, Sarah Miles, etc.
  2. The second strain will be people of faith who are doing innovative and significant things in the world, applying their faith to the justice work at hand. We will hear from people who are doing important justice work, on mass incarceration, climate change, Palestine, immigration, economic justice and the like. Many of these will be local projects and the people on the podcast will not be well known.
  3. The Third thread will be the building of community. It seems that “church” is going through a metamorphosis these days. We’ll talk with people who are experimenting with new models for creating communities of faith. We’ll talk with people leading experimental congregations, new monastics, and alternative experiences, like the Wild Goose Festival. We’ll ask, “What kinds of community have been tried in our history and how well did they work?” as well as “What kind of community will help us do our work as Christians in this ‘Dangerous Time’.”

Theological discussion will underlie everything, but I’ll leave the hard-core discussion of these huge ideas to Tripp & Bo.

Russ @ Union Street - by Robert F

Russ Jennings has a background in radio and in religious activity. For fourteen years, he hosted a program of avant-garde music on KPFA in Berkeley, CA. In 2004,he produced a 22-week radio interview series with defrocked Catholic theologian Matthew Fox, called “Spirit in Action,” and a series called “Days of Wonder,” on Judaism’s and Islam’s mystical holidays. Since his arrival in New York, in 2007, he has led a four-year bible study program at The Riverside Church, where he also served as the chair of the Israel/Palestine Task Force. He now serves on the advisory board of the Micah Institute and is part of the creative team at the Wild Goose Festival. Born in rural Michigan, and after 37 years in the SF Bay Area, Russ has lived in New York City since 2007.

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  • pat klein

    Hi Russ – this is Pat Klein from West Park – I am looking for the interview with Rich Alford-Chase but there is no search facility that I can see here on this website. Can you direct me to that interview and to a listing of your other podcasts? Thanks, Pat